Alexandre Bourdeau, mason by profession working in the field of construction since 2006, has extensive experience in management and construction personnel. He surrounded himself with professional people who gave him the experience and knowledge quickly to carry out work by the standards of the Régie du bâtiment. Alain Brodeur, a businessman for over 25 years, has worked in several areas as founding president. He acquired skills, professionalism and respect. He joins Alexander and became director of Balex Construction. Having a family relationship, both based Balex Construction in 2011. Bound by their integrity, their willingness and need to revive the reputation of the construction in the eyes of their customers, they guarantee the work done with confidence. Balex Construction offers specialized services in masonry, general contractor and renovation of all types in residential, commercial and institutional.


We specialize in new masonry and repair.

  • Rejointoiement
  • Pose de briques, pierres, blocs,  allèges, etc.
  • Pose de briques et pierres décoratives
  • Réparation de ventre de boeuf et autres problèmes reliés à la  maçonnerie
  • Construction et réfection de cheminées
  • Remplacement d’allèges
  • Démolition
  • Enlèvement et nettoyage de  maçonnerie pour en refaire une  pose adéquate
  • Crépi et acrylique

Balex Construction makes your projects “all-inclusive”. Guaranteed to make your ideas a project completed with your recommendations and our experience.

  • Construction neuve
  • Agrandissement
  • Plomberie, électricité, ventilation et chauffage

For a refreshing project or a major renovation one, we offer our services in several areas inside and outside.

  • Rénovations de salles de bains et de cuisines
  • Changement du revêtement de plancher
  • Pose de moulures
  • Pose du gypse et tirage de joints
  • Patios et terrasses
  • Changement de portes et  fenêtres
  • Changement de vocation d’une pièce
  • Escaliers, mains-courantes et rampes
  • Et beaucoup plus !


Over time, Balex Construction has earned the trust of its customers. We are proud members of the ACQ and work with a licensed general contractor and the RBQ to ensure their work.